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Precise Chemipharma Pvt. Ltd.

Medicinal drugs are given to patients in the form of injections, tablets, pills, tonics, syrups and capsules. They are given orally, administered intravenously or for application externally. Each drug has formulations. These have active ingredients of chemicals that work as inhibitors or are capable of blocking diseases. Formulations are made under strict and regulated conditions in drug manufacturing units approved by regulatory authorities. To get the precise formulations laboratories with advanced technology are used.

Precise Chemipharma has a WHO-GMP certified manufacturing site for niche products, CTD-EDMF, Drug Master File, Finished Dosage Formulations used in critical medical states in Oncology, Cardiovascular ailments, Anti-Tb and Anti-Diabetics.

Precise Biopharma Pvt. Ltd.

The Group has developed core competencies in manufacturing drugs in various therapeutic areas. All formulations, bulk drugs and pellets are manufactured as per the international standard with stringent technical SOP in our world class facilities. We have developed a broad portfolio of products to care, treat and prevent diseases and lead a healthy lifestyle. The Group operates worldwide with business partners in Africa, Latin America, S. E. Asia & CIS. The well-qualified international business team works closely with its partners in order to accomplish customer-oriented solutions for each country. Products are supported with regulatory documents like Drug Master Files, Certificate of Analysis, COPP and documents required by end user.